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Welcome to a preview of the interactive novel "Beer, Women, and Bad Decisions" by Shawn Harris.

If you loved the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books as a kid, you're going to love this book as an adult. Jump into the story and adopt the life of a guy in his late 20's as he gets back into the dating scene. Navigate the night avoiding crazy women, guys who want to kick your ass, and drinking too much to find that special someone who will do that "special something" for/to you. With over 25 possible outcomes, just about anything and everything can happen. Will you score and add another notch to the bedpost or will you end up naked and confused wandering the streets at dawn? Don't delay, and...


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Praise for "Beer, Women, and Bad Decisions":

Check out the novel whose iPhone version was featured in a writeup carried by the Reuters News Service, &

The book was included prominently as one of the "16 iPhone Apps Your Mother Will Kill You For Using" - Article of the Day 6/29/2010

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