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What the hell am I doing with my life? you think as you stare into the bathroom mirror, clad in a wet towel after a satisfying shower. 

It’s been two months since Veronica left wearing only your oversized white shirt and some cute little panties with ducks on them.

 “It’s time for you to GROW UP!” she screamed as she clutched her pile of clothes, slamming the door shut.  Honestly, you didn’t see what the big deal was. 

It was a Saturday.  She was sleeping in.  Having woken up earlier, you had been staring fondly at her for a few minutes.  In the midst of appreciating her serene sleeping form, a mischievous grin broke across your face and you slowly pulled the covers over Veronica’s head.  Whoooomp!  A muffled explosion akin to an oil refinery blowing up some ten miles away erupted under the covers.  Dutch oven, baby!

With a startle, Veronica awoke, scratching at the covers attempting to gain an edge in order to pull them away and free herself from the smell. 

“Goddammit!  Let me out!  Ugh!  Oh Jesus!  Let me out, asshole!”

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